Gum Trees on Lamma, November 2011 Oil on Canvas 60x30cm
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La Dame Blanche de Golubic, Croatia Oil on Canvas Board 38x25cm
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The Lamma Island - Oil and Watercolour Collection by Philippe Colin

Ready for action

Winter time, early morning in the fields of Lamma

late winter on Lamma Island, the vegetable garden

 Summer time, view of Yung Shu Wan

Mid June, keeping the trail tidy under the logan tree

Summer days, the corner drink shop in Lo So village

Late Summer on Lamma, The blue tree

Autumn morning on Lamma, the Y road house

Mid summer days on Lamma, the yellow house

The hill pass between the 2 ports
Mid summer hot day, at the Garden of Uncle Chan
Late summer rain on Lamma Island, the Soya bean curd Shop in Yung Shue Wan